The third annual women’s tea is approaching.


It’s this final week before the event when attendees, guest honorees and US members alike, begin expressing anxiety, distress and confusion over their hat and glove situation. The most FAQs:

– Where do I get a hat and gloves? No one wears those anymore!

– Are these going to be expensive?

– What kind of hat and gloves should I wear?

– Do I haaaave to?


Below is a list of places we’ve had some luck finding affordable hats and gloves in the traditional tea style. I’ll be up front and say it would likely be faster to get to an upscale department store and find something fun and fancy. But given that these are likely to be one-and-done accessories, I’ve always spent the bit of extra time to save some money while exploring some of Columbus’ quirky vintage, consignment and antique shops.

To be short, and frank, Yes. You have to wear a hat and gloves. But we are very, very flexible with how we define hat and gloves. Fascinators and elaborate headbands are A-OK as your ‘hat’. Gardener’s gloves have happened before and we really wouldn’t mind if they happened again.

Seriously, we’re flexible.


I know, I know, on with the list already!

These are by neighborhood. Short North and Clintonville shops are all on North High St and thus very easily accessible from the COTA #2 bus. How cool is that?


Second Chance
1803 W 5th Ave
(614) 488-3006

This is my first and favorite place to go for hats and gloves (and regular thrift shopping, too). It’s affordable and they have one of the best selections in C-bus.

This year I spent around 20 minutes and $27 here total, getting vintage gloves (that fit!) and a fun matching hat.

*a note on real vintage gloves: they are tiny! teeny tiny. Be gentle when trying them on and don’t feel like an amazon woman if they don’t fit. Really, same goes for hats. You just have to try a lot of them on and see what you like.

If you’re at Second Chance, you should also check out the consignment place literally across the street:

Alternative Resale Shop
1806 W 5th Ave
(614) 486-0225

And if you’re still having no luck, give this place a try:

One More Time
1521 W 5th Ave
(614) 486-0031

There’s also a One More Time etc. which is a furnishings store, on the same street. Don’t go there. Unless you’re looking for some lava lamps or other groovy home decorating.


Mary Catherine’s Antiques

1128-1130 N. High St.

last year this place had a $5 gloves sale.
Real vintage baby gloves, though.

Mary Catherine’s is also a very short walk from…

Flower Child
989 N High St

If big, lurking mannequins creep you out, be forewarned. Still, this place has tons of vintage stuff and a few hats and gloves sprinkled throughout the store. Last year I spotted some pretty turbans.


3301 N High St
(614) 261-7202 ‎

Humans without munchkin hands, rejoice! This place has a ton of costume stuff, including nice affordable stretchy gloves (got some last year for ~$9). You might be able to find a good hat here too, but not many in the ‘hats and gloves’ style. This place carries similar pieces like a plato’s closet would.

and this place is just a block south of Rag-O-Rama:

Eclectiques Antique Mall
3265 N High St  Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 447-2242

Ms. President Monique and the rest of the shopping group last year had a lot of success at this one. I hear it’s really large and, in true antique mall fashion, might require a bit of the hunting spirit to find your diamond in the ruff.

These are just the stores I’m familiar with – this is not an exhaustive list! If you know of or come across some other great places for hats and gloves, please comment below so we can recommend them in the future.

These places don’t stick to the 9 pm closing times you can count on at the mall, so do check out their hours before planning your visit.

Any other questions? Comment below!

I can’t wait to see you fabulous ladies there, along with your mothers, daughters, best friends….


– Lucy
US co-advisor