In 2008 Dr. Patricia Cunningham II lead a Women’s Leadership and Civic Engagement class, in which a fierce group of diverse women enrolled. The discourse was powerful. So powerful, that the students felt a responsibility to recreate these discussions outside of the classroom. Junior Maria Early worked with Dr. Cunningham to create a student organization out of this organic unity. In the fall of 2008 Maria presided over the founding membership of Unplugging Society.

US has worked to maintain this focus of dialogue and social justice since the beginning and has touched thousands of students, faculty and staff at Ohio State; community members of Columbus, Ohio and well beyond. Our dialogues consider social and political movements and liberation and reframe them in personal contexts and current events, reinforcing our motto that

What’s Personal is Political.

We foster a safe, supportive space in which women can share their personal experiences and how social systems have affected them, reiterating that

If it happens to you, it happens to US.

With new leaders and membership US continues to grow and thrive as a leading voice for social justice and open dialogue and an outstanding student organization at Ohio State.




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