The Modern-Day Abolitionists

focus on trafficked people in the domestic industry and sweatshop industry.  As of now, all events are about the sexualized perspective of trafficked people.  These events are made possible through the First Year Experience events and various CORRC presentations.  Some members of the committee receive formal training on how to speak to and help trafficked women through a hotline.

Contact Isabel Gaitan:

Better Together

is a student initiative that seeks to promote interfaith service and understanding through education, experience, dialogue and service.  During spring break 2012 we worked for Habitat for Humanity and visited various religious communities.  We also host a series of dialogues throughout the year to tackle “big questions” to further achieve interfaith understanding.

Contact Madeline Stockwell:


Use your creative talents to help create fliers for us events and gain experience in PR by promoting for events. There is also the opportunity to keep the website up to date, with posts and current issues. Experience is not needed which makes this a great chance to get involved and learn some new skills. This committee also does videography from time to time with US programs.

Contact Laura Thurman:

Nu Shu

Nu Shu was inspired by the novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. The story is about two young women in China who create their own secret language called Nu Shu. With a lack of dialogue at OSU on issues affecting Asian students, Nu Shu was created as a student-led discussion to raise awareness, give students a form of support, and provide different perspectives on contemporary Asian issues. Nu Shu is a semesterly event. Past event topics include body image, bullying, tiger moms, and Asian American Activism.


Women’s Tea

Over the past two years, The Women’s Tea has become Unplugging Society’s largest event. With over 75 in attendance, it always serves as an truly remarkable event recognizing strong female role models and leaders within the Columbus and Ohio State community.  We have celebrated award recipients from Professors of the Arts and Humanities Department to Executive Directors of Ohio State’s Inter-professional Commission of Ohio. This themed event centers around showing off the best, hats, gloves and fascinators during our program, comprised of coffee, tea, and light fare. The Women’s Tea Committee goal is to re-write women into the OSU history books by spotlighting unknown women of the past while recognizing the deserving women of today.

Contact Maria Corfias:

WE Book Club

We are a group of women who come together once a semester after reading a novel that centers on a subject relating or pertaining to women on a national and/or international level. We discuss these issues as we listen to each other’s views and experiences. Our goal is to educate and empower ourselves through these novels and to then share this knowledge and independence with other women around the campus community. Feel free to join us even if you have not read the book; bring your girl friends!

Contact Maaeesha Pushpita:


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