Maria Corfias

MariaMaria, Treasurer

My name is Maria Corfias and I am going into my 5th year here at Ohio State. I am majoring in Neuroscience and would like to eventually get my Ph.D in molecular and cellular neuroscience so I can study movement disorders. I have worked at the office of disability services and as a research assistant for four years now and I enjoy long walks on the beach. (Just kidding about the beach part. Had to make sure you were still paying attention!) Now for the interesting stuff. I am the youngest of three kids and have an older brother, Semaki (say-mah-kee), and an older sister Iliana (eel-e-ah-na). I told my mom she gave me the short end of the stick as far as the names but when she told me I was named after mi abuelita I didn’t feel quite as salty. I have been a part of Unplugging since freshman year, am the treasurer this year, and am looking forward to this year even more! Outside of school I am involved in Xenos Christian Fellowship, a church I have been going to for about two and a half years now and really enjoy. I also volunteer at the Council for Older Adults where I get to exercise one of my passions which is cooking! I help prepare the food there and sometimes make deliveries for meals on wheels. In my free time I spend a lot of time with family and my 9 roommates. I enjoy fishing, singing, hosting people, learning new skills, playing basketball, and camping! If you have any questions feel free to ask, because if you have read through all of this so far, then as the song goes, “I can tell that we are going to be friends.”


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