Signature Events

Annual Women’s Tea

Hats and Gloves

This is an annual event honoring women who are working hard to make a difference in Columbus.  At the event we present on the history of woman leadership at Ohio State, and there is also a project on re-writing women into the Ohio State history books.  The event is in celebration of all women in the Ohio State community.  The goal of the Women’s Tea is to celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of female role models in the Ohio State community.  Historically we nominate three to four women for each ceremony.

Annual Women’s Summit

2011’s Women’s Summit discussed issues surrounding relationship abuse and explored how popular culture depicts abuse.  The audience discussed real police reports from abusive couples during the keynote.  Participants learned how to distinguish arguing from abuse as well as what steps to take to prevent and put an end to an abusive situation.

2012’s Women’s Summit focused on how the digital age affects our views and actions on dating and hooking up.  Participants learned how to navigate through positive and difficult dating situations and how to utilize technology in healthy relationships.

2013’s Women’s Summit focused on female stereotypes in the media. Jennifer Pozner, author of “Reality Bites Back,” talked about how women in the media do not reflect women of the 21st century.

Hookups & Hangovers

Hookups and Hangovers is a First Year Experience (FYE) program we sponsor every year in order to enlighten young freshman students on the do’s and don’ts of social party life in college.  We gather a panel of older and more experienced students to share stories that involve alcohol, drugs, relationships, as well as advice and forewarnings on how to handle potentially dangerous and compromising situations that they may encounter in college.  The focus is on how to handle social situations responsibly, protect themselves, and above all, learn from the mistake of others


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